An Approach for Modeling Dynamic Analysis using Ontologies



"In this paper we present the possibility of using an ontology based framework in order to model Dynamic Analysis techniques. This work relies on similar ideas applied to the case of Static Analysis, in which ontologies are used to represent some knowledge about the programs to be analyzed. In the approach proposed in this paper we describe how ontologies can be applied to Dynamic Analysis by modeling both the information collected from the system, as well as some requirements about the type of analysis to be performed. Both of these ontologies can be designed by integrating ontologies previously defined during the software development cycle, allowing for re-usability. Finally, these ontologies make it possible to reason about concepts related to Dynamic Analysis and offer tools that facilitate automation. This paper presents the main ideas of the proposed approach and illustrates them with an example related to Frequency Spectrum Analysis."


Newres Al Haider, Benoit Gaudin, Paddy Nixon


"In WODA '10 Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis"

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