A Cross-Platform Benchmark Framework for Mobile Semantic Web Reasoning Engines



"Semantic Web technologies are used in a variety of domains for their ability to facilitate data integration, as well as enabling expressive, standards-based reasoning. Deploying Semantic Web reasoning processes directly on mobile devices has a number of advantages, including robustness to connectivity loss, more timely results, and reduced infrastructure requirements. At the same time, a number of challenges arise as well, related to mobile platform heterogeneity and limited computing resources. To tackle these challenges, it should be possible to benchmark mobile reasoning performance across different mobile platforms, with rule- and datasets of varying scale and complexity and existing reasoning process flows. To deal with the current heterogeneity of rule formats, a uniform rule- and data-interface on top of mobile reasoning engines should be provided as well. In this paper, we present a cross-platform benchmark framework that supplies 1) a generic, standards-based Semantic Web layer on top of existing mobile reasoning engines; and 2) a benchmark engine to investigate and compare mobile reasoning performance."


William Van Woensel, Newres Al Haider, Ahmad Marwan Ahmad, Syed SR Abidi


In WODA '10 Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis Link

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